What is ArbiTool?

ArbiTool is a cryptocurrency market scanner that scans exchanges and compares cryptocurrency prices on various exchanges in search of price differences. Then the results show to the user, showing where he can buy LOW and where he can sell the same currency HIGH with great profit. ArbiTool additionally is providing the necessary information to perform transactions such as market depth, buy and sell orders, duration of coin transfer and also very important information on the status of wallets on both cryptocurrency exchanges. ArbiTool has a built-in advanced transaction profitability calculator that will help user calculate if opportunity is really profitable. The calculator imports transfer costs from exchanges and substitutes them for calculations. ArbiTool is a very advanced tool but very easy to use and very intuitive.

Arbitool scan following exchanges: Altilly, Binance, BitBay, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bleutrade, Bit-Z, COSS, Cex.io, Cobinhood, Coinexchange, Cointiger, Crex24, CryptoBridge, EXMO, Freiexchange, GateIO, HitBTC, Huobi.pro, Kraken, Kucoin, Laotoken, LiveCoin, Luno, Mercatox, Novaexchange, OKEx, Poloniex, ZB.com, ZebPay, Xeggex

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How It Works?

ArbiTool automatically scans dozens of exchanges and displays results according to your preferences, showing you where buy LOW and where sell HIGH and displaying how many percent you earn on this transaction.

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No deposit = Safe & Secure

Only you have access to your funds. ArbiTool doesn't access your crypto exchanges and wallets. You don't deposit any money on our site! We only display information to you, but you make the decisions and make transactions yourself, on your exchanges and on your accounts that we do not have access to.

No experience needed

ArbiTool guides you by the hand. It will help you calculate the transfer costs by simply substituting the data and then directs you to the right place on the exchanges. The tool is very simple and intuitive. You don't need to have experience to use it, but we also provide you with a tutorial to make it even easier to use.

Buy & Sell

Our tool shows you where to buy at the moment and where to sell with a large profit. Only ArbiTool gives you this data in almost real time and shows you the best and most valuable opportunities.

Full control

You choose and decide which transactions you want to make and which you don't want. Our tool allows you to calculate costs, inform you about transfer time, wallet statuses, market depth and warns you about potential risks but the final decision is always yours.

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Media about ArbiTool

Sunny Decree from Switzerland


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Mike Satoshi from Poland

VIDEO TITLE: 2018.06.12 - Arbitool - narzedzie do arbitrazu (in Polish). Tym razem film o bardzo fajnym narzedziu do arbitrazu o nazwie Arbitool. Solidny kawalem pracy, dobry polski zespol. Osobiscie polecam.

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Michel Gerard

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ArbiTool at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam

10-Year Anniversary of The Genesis Block

The Longest-Running Monthly Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in The Netherlands.

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How to make money on price differences?

It's very easy if you have information that Arbitool gives you, you do not need many skills. You can do this in just 4 steps!

Step 1

Check scanning results and select best active opportunity in ArbiTool. Our tool will tell you step by step where to buy low where to transfer and instantly sell high. However free version displays opportunities only up to 1.25%.


Step 2

Buy selected cryptocurrency on Exchange A and withdraw it directly to your wallet in Exchange B


Step 3

Now wait until your transfer will be finished. Arbitool shows approximately how much can last transfer of your coin


Step 4

When your coins arrive to your Exchange B wallet sell them immediately with profit and that's all. It's easy, isn't it? So you can now repeat it as many times you want!


Our Roadmap

Without a doubt, we are at the beginning of a long road and still have a lot of work to do and many tasks ahead of us. We entered the market on 1 June 2018 and in such a short time we did a lot and we are not slowing down all the time. ArbiTool as of today is the most advanced and extensive tool of this type and certainly the safest for users. We are proud of our tool and we want to continue to develop it. Developing our tool, we follow the golden rule: "The customer comes first"

01 June 2018

Launch of ArbiTool
- Profitability calculator
- Warning system
- Wallets status
- Reporting invalid pairs
- We started with only 4 exchanges

June 2019

After a year of hard work, our tool looks completely different than at the beginning and scans 27 exchanges and contains a lot of advanced scripts to help you search for arbitrage opportunities. First of all, the tool focuses on user safety, therefore it automatically captures threats and warns about them.

August 2019

After Token sale where we was selling our token for $0.1USD per token, we listed it at Altilly exchange. The price of our token on exchange goes from $0.1 to $1.19 per Token.

Q3 2019

We started work on our trading platform.

Q1 2020

We are releasing triangular arbitrage service and we are starting with new service: Hold & earn where we are doing the trades for you in exchange for part in profits.

Q4 2020

We will release new service where you will be able to deposit money in your ArbiTool wallet and you will be able to use those funds on all exchanges that we support. You will no longer have to split funds between multiple exchanges! ArbiTool Token will be here MANDATORY!

Why ArbiTool?

Our tool has been designed by professionals. Persons associated for 14 years with capital markets. Experienced and certificated investors on stock exchanges, as well as from 6 years investors on cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the creators of the tool is a graduate of the stock market school completed at the Warsaw School of Economics with the Certificate of the Warsaw Stock Exchange(GPW). The tool has been made by a programmer working in the past for banks and international corporations around the world, with vast experience and skills.
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The key idea when we creating the tool was the safety of the tool users and proudly we achieved this goal! Next was speed and power of our tool, that is why we have the best and strongest servers so we can deliver all data to our users in almost real time from so many exchanges at once, and we want add up to 100 exchanges more!!!


We know what is necessary

Our tool was created by people experienced in cryptocurrency trading. We use our tool ourselves, that's why we have designed it so that it is comfortable to use, easy and fast. One of the most important functionalities of the tool is the profitability calculator, with the display of market depth. You can manually enter how much currency you want to buy, the calculator itself imports current prices, which you can also modify to make more complicated calculations. The calculator automatically imports the cost of withdraw of the cryptocurrency and calculates whether the transaction really pays off. All this is done in order to maintain the highest security for the user of the tool. The tool does not collect any data rights and access to your exchange.


E-Mail notification system

You can specify the details of the opportunities that you want to be notified about. We will send notification only when the constraints defined here will be met by an opportunity.


Warning System

We do our best to keep our users safe and warn them if we have some info about exchange, coins or network issues. We have +40 different type of warnings that help protect our users or get them informed. We even allow our users to report us some issues that they noticed with coins, exchanges or network or report outdated warnings so we can delete them.

mobile_app mobile_app mobile_app

Transfer Time

In arbitrage time of transfer is very important and that is why our tool is showing it to you. So you will know how long approximately your transfer will last from exchange A to exchange B.


Opportunity Value

In arbitrage you need to be fast, so we deliver you all important data and informations so you can make your decision in a second. Our tool is helping you filter out worthless opportunities. So you don't need waste your time on checking opportunities where market depth allow you to transfer pennies, you can focus on those with big value with huge profit!


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

No! You don't deposit anything in ArbiTool. We show you just informations and give our tool for use but you do transaction on your own exchange wallets and we don't have access and even any knowledge about them. It's for your safety!
No! Creating Arbitrage BOT it's to risky for users because even little security breach can cause loose of all funds of users! So we will never do an automated tool for your safety!
Yes you can pay with bitcoin and almost 60 other cryptocurrencies via coinpayments. But if you will have any problem with payment please contact our support we will help you: contact@arbitool.eu
Yes we have PayPal payments via CoinPayments. Just select Pay with coinpayments and select payment by Paypal and you will be able to pay from PayPal account, Credit Card, Debit Card or bank transfer.
You can test our tool for free! Just register and test it as much you want. But remember that free version shows you opportunities with price difference below 1.25%. If you want to see those more profitable you need to buy full version. In free version you can test how great our tool is and how much it can help you in searching arbitrage opportunities. contact@arbitool.eu
ArbiTool is 100% safe because it's not connected in any way to your accounts, wallet and exchanges. ArbiTool just shows you informations and you do all trades by yourself. This is most safe and secure solution for our users!
Arbitool scan following exchanges: Altilly, Binance, Bitbay, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bleutrade, COSS, Cex.io, Cobinhood, Coinexchange, Cointiger, Crex24, CryptoBridge, EXMO, Freiexchange, GateIO, HitBTC, Huobi.pro, Kraken, Kucoin, Latoken, LiveCoin, Mercatox, Novaexchange, OKEx, Poloniex, ZebPay if there is missing some exchange that you would like to see in our tool please contact us. We will add it with pleasure if this will be possible.
In most cases our users try to login by using email and then they have problem. Please remember that for log in to our service you should use your Login name not email address. But if you still can't log in try to reset your password here: Password Reset

Limited number of users

Number of arbitrage opportunities is not infinite. Hence, we have a hard cap of active users equal to 1000. Current number of them is ~288. Note that the price will double after we reach each 200 of active users.

Active users Hard cap: 1000
You can pay with ~60 cryptocurrencies

The number of places is limited

and as number of the active users grow, the price for access to the tool increases. Take look at our pricing:

0-200 Active users :

12h access - $4.99
30d access - $29.99
6m access - $149.99
12m access - $259.99

201-400 Active users :

30d access - $59.99
6m access - $299.99
12m access - $539.99

401-600 Active users :

30d access - $119.99
6m access - $599.99
12m access - $1079.98

601-800 Active users :

30d access - $239.99
6m access - $1199.99
12m access - $2159.99

801-1000 Active users :

30d access - $479.99
6m access - $2399.99
12m access - $4319.99

Token Sale

Do you like our tool? If Yes, then invest in its faster development and expansion! Buy ArbiTool token and enjoy the benefits it gives you!

but you can buy it on:

Token Sale? Ok... But why?

We have a working product and we have been developing it since May 2018, we have already done a lot but even more to do in front of us. We want to accelerate the expansion of our tool and give you new functionalities much faster. Thanks to the funds from Token Sale we will be able to finish everything before May 2019 and without them we can manage before May, 2020. There is a difference, right?
How much is work before us?

  • There are 5 types of arbitrage in the world of cryptocurrency and we support just 1 at this moment:

    - Simple Arbitrage (It's the one you can see at ArbiTool right now)
    - Fiat cross-currency Arbitrage/Fiat Triangular Arbitrage We have beta version!
    - Crypto cross-currency Arbitrage/Crypto Triangular Arbitrage We have beta version!
    - Convergence Arbitrage we're working on adding
    - Cash-and-Carry-Arbitrage we're working on adding

    And we want support them all

In trading you need to be one step ahead of others

We want to equip ArbiTool with an aggregator of news, tweets and other important information that affect market behavior. We want to equip our tool in AI that will help analyze the information collected and inform you about upcoming opportunities for arbitrage and also warn you if any of the exchanges will stop withdrawing funds (possible exit scams).
We will equip Arbitool with an advanced system of configurable alerts, eg price alerts, Pump & dump alert, change of wallet status, booking coin transfer on exchanges, etc.

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